Take the GunPRO Pledge

GunPro Pledge

The Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association (“APAGOA”) supports the GunPRO Pledge. The GunPRO Pledge is a way for gun owners to create a shared obligation for the safe and responsible use of firearms.

What is the GunPRO Pledge?

When taking the GunPRO Pledge you are making three personal commitments.

  1. Get Education & Training in the responsible and safe use of their Firearms.
  2. Take steps to Prevent Unauthorized Access to their firearms, including not transferring a gun to anyone they believe would violate GunPRO principles.
  3. Seek Help and Remove Access to firearms during times of extreme emotional stress or mental illness that could impair their judgment in regard to responsible use.

How do I take the GunPRO Pledge?

  1. Print the GunPRO Pledge PDF.
  2. Read aloud the GunPRO Pledge to two witnesses who will support you in meeting the commitments of the pledge.
  3. Sign the GunPRO Pledge and ask your supporters to also sign.
  4. Place the signed copy of the GunPRO Pledge where you store your firearms and other locations where you will see it.

Where do I get the GunPRO Pledge?

See a preview of the GunPRO Pledge below. Download the PDF.


How do I find out more about the GunPRO Pledge?

Read more about the GunPRO Pledge at https://gunpropledge.org.

Take the GunPRO Pledge

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