Street Combatives Seminar – June 2024 – San Francisco

Owning a gun is an important part of self-defense, but it’s not the only part. After all, you’re not going to be walking down the street with your firearm in your hand — not unless you want unwanted attention from the police.

No, if you’re attacked in public, you’re most likely going to be empty handed when it happens — even if you’re carrying concealed. That’s why having empty-hand skills is so important.

And it’s why our friends at Tiga Tactics are inviting you to attend the Street Combatives Seminar on June 15-16 in San Francisco. This Father’s Day weekend aims to give families an opportunity to train together to enhance their self-defense skills against the two most common attacks: a surprise haymaker and the takedown.

You will learn how to:

  • Spot a potential threat
  • Prevent getting thrown or tackled
  • Survive the bone-cracking fall to the pavement
  • Fight your way back to your feet — safely and quickly.
  • Handle a suckerpunch so you’re not knocked down in the first place

And because you’re a member of APAGOA, you’re going to get half off the admission for this two-day event.

Just use this exclusive code at checkout: apagoa50 at

Street Combatives Seminar – June 2024 – San Francisco

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