Why the Trepidation for Gun Ownership, Especially for Asians?

By Jonathan Shu

Gun ownership is a United States citizen’s right in our country. Unfortunately, there is a stigma in certain states about guns that goes far beyond reason.

Some background on me, is I was born in Taiwan and was adopted at an early age and came to California. In Boy Scouts, we learned many different skills including archery and firearms. I remember shooting a bolt action .22 at a camp when I was a child.

During high school, I recall our nerdy group of friends purchased airsoft guns and chased each other around with these plastic bb guns. I also shot my Dad’s pellet gun when negotiating avocado fruit rights with vermin.

Out of high school, I started paying more attention to the news. There were many terrible stories about mass shootings which consequently led to more “gun control” in the state/region. Here in the State of California, we have some of the strictest laws of the country, which limits us on everything including 10 round magazines, what firearms are even purchasable, and even documenting how much and what ammo we purchase.

The news also made it seem there were many out-of-control gun owners. I remember fearing being a gun owner and defending my own home and family due to the strict laws California instated such as CALCRIM #506, where in the court of law, a defendant must prove firing a gun is justifiable beyond just a criminal breaking into our homes.

For many years, I did not purchase a firearm and referenced this law as the main reason why I did not purchase a firearm to defend myself in my own home.

But times have changed. More laws passed for criminals to become emboldened. Social unrest was apparent and the world was realizing COVID-19. The idea of “Defund(ing) Police” was happening and the news reported long wait times for police response or that no help ever showed up. Market shelves were emptied of necessities and… toilet paper. Asians were being randomly attacked due to COVID-19 possibly being from China.

I started to realize, here in Southern California, we may have to fend for ourselves in the instance of a break-in, and that no help would arrive in time. It was time to purchase my first firearm.

Many of us, if not all, have watched Western movies. Perhaps my choice for my first firearm was because of Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Noon Western movie with Owen Wilson. I am sure you can guess, but my first firearm choice was a revolver. I ended up purchasing the Ruger Wrangler.

And so begins my history of gun ownership.

Why the Trepidation for Gun Ownership, Especially for Asians?

2 thoughts on “Why the Trepidation for Gun Ownership, Especially for Asians?

  1. I’m 70. All of my uncles and my dad served in branches of the U.S. military. My father’s family is from Boston, my mom was born in Albany, NY.
    I learned to shoot with a Daisy model 25 BB gun, then a Crosman 22 pellet gun. My father let me shoot a 10-22 when I was 10. I started deer hunting when I was 17 and have not missed a season since then.
    I am the president of a 230 member Sportsmens club. Out of that number, we have 7 Asians.
    Many of the younger generation are liberal and anti gun.
    I think there is a sea change coming – the number of random attacks on Asians in NYC is going mostly unreported by the media. Police are quitting in droves.
    Maybe some will realize that the only person who can defend them is THEM.

  2. Also born in Taiwan, immigrated to states when I was 7 1/2. Or as my wife put it more succinctly, I was “Made in Taiwan, Assembled in Texas”. Dad taught me to shoot firearms after I turned 8, and of course got my Rifle Shooting merit badge in Boy Scouts. Been around firearms ever since.

    I have also spent time in Crapifornia. Was actually a founding board member for a pro-2A non-profit challenging the stupidity coming out of Sacramento (there were actually 3 asians on the board of 8), after volunteering and leading pro-2A grassroots events in SoCal.

    When my wife and I started dating at the beginning of our courtship, it was her idea we’d have our first date at a shooting range.

    While in Crapifornia, I have also been in a situation where no officers showed up after calling 911, further reaffirming the USSC’s decision that the police has no duty to protect private citizens.

    I have been on promotional videos for airsoft/milsim events. I was actually on Season 2 of SEAL Team (with David Boreanaz) because they needed Asians with firearm experience. I have also been on Mandarin-speaking radio discussing using firearms in home/self defense issues after BLM started razing Asian homes and businesses back in 2019.

    There is no trepidation for gun ownership for this Asian / 1st Gen immigrant / naturalized citizen.

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