Inaugural NFT auction raises funds for APAGOA

By Top Shot Chris Cheng

There are times in life where it makes sense to take a risk and try something new. New things can be scary, but sometimes they can be a ton of fun and you can learn something exciting. 

You might have heard of NFTs, which stand for “non-fungible tokens”, or perhaps not. NFTs are a new form of digital collectibles that can come in the form of art, collectors cards, videos, and really anything digital. It’s a wild new world where NFTs are a way to ascribe value to a digital good. Billions of dollars of NFTs have already been sold, purchased and traded over the past few years as NFTs have catapulted in popularity. 

I wanted to test if there’s a market and opportunity for the firearms community, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

I was recently on the cover of RECOIL Magazine Issue 56 representing the APA and LGBT communities. The cover art garnered a fair amount of controversy and conversation about our Second Amendment rights. I partnered with RECOIL Magazine to sell the first ever of its kind NFTs in the firearms community, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to APAGOA, the Pink Pistols / Operation Blazing Sword, and the Firearms Policy Coalition. 

The NFT cover art was the RECOIL magazine cover which represents the notion that the Second Amendment is for all, regardless of your background. #2AForAll is a simple message that resonated strongly with many gun owners, to the tune of generating $31,000 in value from 10 bidders who won the NFTs. 

I’m proud of what the firearms community did for this inaugural NFT auction and how it raised funds for a great cause. We’re still finalizing the accounting and distribution of funds after fees, taxes, etc, so I’ll hopefully have a final update in next month’s newsletter.

Inaugural NFT auction raises funds for APAGOA

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