In the News: Digital Art “NFT” auction — Top Shot Chris Cheng & RECOIL Magazine

By Top Shot Chris ChengTop Shot Chris Cheng, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion. NFT firearm visionary. Techie, Author, Civil Rights advocate

The first-of-its-kind NFT “digital art” auction starts October 19th at and ends October 24th. Only 10 digital art collectibles will be available, making this a truly rare collectible representing #2AForAll.

Outdoor media has taken quite an interest in the NFT “digital art” auction that I’m running with RECOIL Magazine. The iconic and controversial Issue 56 cover art representing #2AForAll for Americans of all walks of life will be auctioned off as an “NFT” (aka: a digital collectible) starting October 19th at in this groundbreaking moment in the gun community. There will only be 10 collectible art NFTs auctioned off, in combination with physical prizes such as an in-person fun shoot with Top Shot Chris Cheng and the RECOIL staff, RECOIL magazine physical and digital subscriptions and RECOIL swag. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the following Second Amendment organizations: Firearms Policy CoalitionPink Pistols / Operation Blazing Sword, and APAGOA (Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association).

Read more about this groundbreaking RECOIL + Top Shot Chris Cheng NFT digital art auction in the news:

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In the News: Digital Art “NFT” auction — Top Shot Chris Cheng & RECOIL Magazine

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